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I’m Kyle O’Neill

Kyle O'Neill

Who I am:

I’m a New Jersey boy who went to college in Rochester, NY and ended up in Seattle, WA. I love working with people, making things that people love, and finding new ways to do more of the above. My professional experience lies in marketing and product management.

What I’m up to:

♦ Developing a new start-up Seat With A View, which aims to map out the world’s best views and make them easily accessible to the public. In development. (Twitter)

♦ Looking for more opportunities to interact with the local start-up and tech community.

♦ Getting to know Seattle a little bit better!

What I’ve done:

♦ Co-founded the Rochester Institute of Technology’s first and only improv performance club, RIT Improv. During my five years at RIT, I helped to build the campus improv community by advertising shows, teaching free workshops to students, and performing in about two shows every month. (Learn more)

♦ Gave an interactive lecture on Improv Theory at Nerd Nite Seattle. “Kyle O’Neill: Dr. Improv: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love To Bomb”.

♦ Gave a presentation on “Developing an Effective Communication Strategy” at the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in San Antonio, TX.

♦ Participated in and placed second and third place in two separate campus-wide public speaking contests. My topics were improv theory and the importance of variety in news media.

♦ Painted a mural for the Honors program dormitory, “Baker Hall”.

♦ Developed an outreach program for the RIT Honors program, and led a team to create the materials to send out to incoming freshmen. (Learn more)

♦ Worked for six years as an attendant for the Castle Casino Arcade in Wildwood, NJ. I’m pretty good with crane machines, and I can tell you what arcade games give the best tickets for their cost.

♦ Spent a month in the Philippines. Toured Manila, the island Palawan, and the southern city of Davao.

♦ Learned conversational American Sign Language.

♦ Graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Media Marketing and a Master’s degree in Innovation Management.

Questions or comments? Please email me at!